Bernie or Bust vs. Vote Blue

In a tug of war between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie or Bust, the Clinton voters mistakenly believe the arguments that work on them will reel Bust into voting Clinton in November.  Yet when Vote Blue pull they just fall backward, the rope is limp in their hands, powerless. Bust has let go, the arguments carry no meaning to them.

the rope

In Blue vs. Bust, there is no agreement on who, what, how, and most importantly, when.

Blue: You must vote democrat to keep the GOP out of power.
: The fight that matters isn’t democrat vs. republican, it’s progressive vs. corporatist.

Both parties have collected money hand over fist from corporations then stood and watched as the middle class disappeared.  Bust sees both parties as the enemy, both are run by corporatists that serve the money, not the people.  Clinton wins, Trump wins, either way, the 1% wins.  The rest of us lose.

Look at the recent decision of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to favor loan sharks over the poor.  Why?  The sharks donate to the DNC, and Schultz.  Vote Blue votes green.  The party has lost its way and its soul.  After the primaries, Bust plans to abandon the Democratic Party en masse.

Blue: So by refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton you will abandon people of color, Obamacare, gays, women’s rights. Your position reeks of privilege.
: The Grand Canyon of this election.  On the Clinton side the personal picture, how politics will affect me, my friends, my life.  Self.  On the Sanders side the big picture, how politics will affect all of us, the economy, war and peace, the planet.  Us.

It’s not about privilege it’s about priorities and the focal point.  Clinton’s Third Way corporatism was founded on a cynical lifeline assumption: that the working class will vote against their economic self-interest and look past war due to a deep emotional investment in social issues, identity politics and the balance of the Supreme Court.

That investment is a bedrock absolute for Blue and demands that they live exclusively in the now.  Not for Bust.  It’s important but not an absolute, the most progress is made when sincere leaders and the opportunity window align.  More on that a few paragraphs down the road.

Bust flips the Third Way script, what they care about most is what Clinton wants voters to ignore – oligarchy control of economics, politics, war and climate change.  The big picture comes first for Bust, the agenda priorities are reversed.  For the first time in 24 years, the lifeline assumption that the Clinton Third Way absolutely depends on is severed.

That alone should give Clinton and Vote Blue some pause.  Bernie or Bust is not bluffing.

Blue: Just because you have different priorities doesn’t change that your position is born of privilege.
You’re still not getting it.  Bust sees the bigger picture as the bigger threat.  To ALL of us.

A global economy owned and run by and for the 1% will bulldoze the American middle class.  The Center for Economic Policy Research in London estimates that the TPP trade agreement in Asia Pacific will cost nearly 500,000 U.S. jobs, TTIP with Europe another 325,000.

Wages due to these trade deals are forecast to be cut for everyone making under $88,000/year according to a study by the Economic Policy Institute.  The study also notes that the average American worker with a four-year college degree sees an average wage cut of $1,800 due to trade deals with low-wage countries.

Clinton claims she is now against TPP, but the U.S. Chamber of Commerce predicts otherwise, so does common sense and her history.  She helped facilitate TPP, her donors helped write it, she is going to block it?  Comcast (NBC/MSNBC) is salivating at the prospect of TPP goodies, they were one of the authors.

Then add the human cost of war, not acting on climate change, it adds up.  Spending trillions on war also takes money from the budget that could otherwise be spent at home and that limits investment in social programs and communities.

Blue: What about the Supreme Court?  And your reference to the opportunity window?
:  Meet Merrick Garland.  With opportunity, patience is a virtue.

President Obama’s appointee is conservative and based on past rulings would support Citizens United.  A Clinton appointment would likely be a pro-corporate moderate.

Take the Bust route and a progressive has an excellent chance to be president in 2020, which coincides with the census and congressional redistricting favoring liberals.  Greater court turnover is expected from 2020 on.  The new president appoints far more progressive justices than Clinton corporatists and the higher turnover creates a far more progressive court overall.

On the opportunity window and privilege.  A four-year sacrifice denying Clinton and the oligarchy absolute control pays off in 2020 and beyond with a progressive president and a bluer Congress after redistricting.  Now the opportunity window opens.  Now a true progressive can enact real change for the people instead of the 1%.  Now the Supreme Court turns far more progressive.  Now the tide turns.  For all of us.

Or you can vote for Hillary Clinton out of fear of Trump, ignore the big picture and live exclusively in the now.  You can have corporatism rule into the 2030s as you struggle to keep your job and your current salary; as war, terrorism and climate change elevate with the oligarchy running the U.S. government and Earth, Inc. for the exclusive benefit of the 1% and multinational corporations.

Bust chooses a better future, the people over the money.

More Blue vs. Bust tomorrow.  Clinton vs. Trump next week in part 4, wrap up the series with The Next 16 Years in part 5.

Bernie or Bust: Corruption

This is the first in a series of articles on Bernie or Bust, today: corruption.  Next week: mistaken assumptions and policy, Clinton vs. Trump, and the next 16 years.

Seems that every week of the democratic primary there are reports of election fraud that end up favoring Hillary Clinton.  Part of why Clinton’s poll numbers are so abysmal on trustworthiness is a pattern of unethical election tampering by her campaign.

Rigging the vote in Iowa to the point that even the Des Moines Register, which endorsed Clinton, calls the caucus results into question.  Bill and Hillary’s ongoing tour of America’s polling places on election day dynamiting electioneering laws.

Bernie Sanders is making inroads in Nevada?   Have Harry Reid lean on the culinary workers union to vote for her, her campaign pays the casinos to cover for the lost hours and check to make sure the workers caucus for Clinton.  She wins Vegas and the state.  Really capturing the hearts and minds of the voters.

In Arizona, a reported hack into Sanders voter files needs to be investigated, many voters saw their registration changed at the last minute.

In Washington, Clinton sent letters to voters that direct them to the wrong caucus location and at times that are only 30 minutes ahead of the vote.  Which would not leave voters enough time to go to the right location.  Stupid human tricks.

Dirty politics?  Clinton’s campaign is a black hole.  Just win baby.

Nationally the debates and the primary schedule are rigged by Clinton and her DNC Mini-Me Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Delay the debates, only hold a handful and bury them in the ratings graveyard together with awareness of Sanders.  Put all the southern states in the first half of the schedule so the media can spin her as inevitable.

mini banana

Wasserman Schultz overturns a past decision by President Obama and suddenly lobbyists can donate in a primary, which funnels extra millions to Clinton.  Yet the DNC Chair claims there isn’t a “shred of evidence” she’s favored Clinton.  Who are you kidding?  Not us.  Leave the lies to your boss.

Clinton is Machiavelli on steroids, any means justify the ends.  Welcome to politics.  In most campaigns that’s accepted by both sides as a deeply cynical reality.  In this one it’s not, her opponent is known for integrity and his supporters value that highly.

The contrast is severe.  Clinton supporters think if they refuse to admit to a lack of ethics then it doesn’t exist, it goes away.  Others deny it but still defend it with ethics are immaterial, stop being naïve.

Sanders supporters are driven by fairness and ethics, both in their politics and their lives.  It’s a deeply held belief. Their passion for fairness includes supporters upset with Sanders for not calling out Clinton fraud, giving her the green light to greater abuses.

When the two perspectives collide it’s the unethical force meets the unmovable principle.  Sanders supporters are incensed by Clinton’s lack of ethics.  Which manifests in Bernie or Bust and a refusal to vote for her.

Clinton supporters turn apoplectic.  “How can you let your stupid principles…holier than thou…how is that more important than denying Trump!?!”  Insert vitriol, invective, a reference to childish behavior, taking your ball and going home is a favorite.  A volcano erupts spewing molten lava.

If I demanded that you adopt my priorities how would you react?  Insert crickets.  Or more lava.

text inverted

Back to our story….principles cease to exist if they are abandoned.  Also, note that Clinton’s abject lack of ethics is just one tree in the Bust forest though it is a towering old redwood.

An allegory on her indifference to ethics before a group that cares about it deeply.  Clinton is the cocky kid yelling fire as a joke in a movie theater packed with firefighters.  Imagine the seething anger, the six feet under looks, the loathing contempt.  That’s how angry the ethical wing of Bernie or Bust are with Hillary Clinton and her corruption.  Livid.  Venomous.  Every time Clinton commits fraud that vitriol intensifies.  It’s not going away in November.

“Just kidding guys, you’re still going to vote for me right, vote blue, forgive and forget, we democrats have to unite, can’t elect Trump, think of the Supreme Court, can’t let the GOP win right?  Right?  Guys?”

The gall of demanding that we vote for her may be the ultimate arrogance.  After all that Clinton and Mini-Me have done to rig the primary.  That corporate media have done to block and deny Sanders at every turn.  Time Warner (CNN) is one of her top donors, The Amazon Post, Comcast (MSNBC) the kid before Christmas that can’t wait to open the TPP gifts they helped write.

After the smug arrogance, condescension and denial.  After surrogate bomb throwing that sentenced Sanders women to hell and McCaskill’s McCarthyism.  After every member of the establishment tried to personally stuff Hillary Clinton down our throats.

After all that they didn’t count on a gag reflex called Bernie or Bust.