Bernie or Bust vs. Vote Blue

In a tug of war between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie or Bust, the Clinton voters mistakenly believe the arguments that work on them will reel Bust into voting Clinton in November.  Yet when Vote Blue pull they just fall backward, the rope is limp in their hands, powerless. Bust has let go, the arguments carry no meaning to them.

the rope

In Blue vs. Bust, there is no agreement on who, what, how, and most importantly, when.

Blue: You must vote democrat to keep the GOP out of power.
: The fight that matters isn’t democrat vs. republican, it’s progressive vs. corporatist.

Both parties have collected money hand over fist from corporations then stood and watched as the middle class disappeared.  Bust sees both parties as the enemy, both are run by corporatists that serve the money, not the people.  Clinton wins, Trump wins, either way, the 1% wins.  The rest of us lose.

Look at the recent decision of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz to favor loan sharks over the poor.  Why?  The sharks donate to the DNC, and Schultz.  Vote Blue votes green.  The party has lost its way and its soul.  After the primaries, Bust plans to abandon the Democratic Party en masse.

Blue: So by refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton you will abandon people of color, Obamacare, gays, women’s rights. Your position reeks of privilege.
: The Grand Canyon of this election.  On the Clinton side the personal picture, how politics will affect me, my friends, my life.  Self.  On the Sanders side the big picture, how politics will affect all of us, the economy, war and peace, the planet.  Us.

It’s not about privilege it’s about priorities and the focal point.  Clinton’s Third Way corporatism was founded on a cynical lifeline assumption: that the working class will vote against their economic self-interest and look past war due to a deep emotional investment in social issues, identity politics and the balance of the Supreme Court.

That investment is a bedrock absolute for Blue and demands that they live exclusively in the now.  Not for Bust.  It’s important but not an absolute, the most progress is made when sincere leaders and the opportunity window align.  More on that a few paragraphs down the road.

Bust flips the Third Way script, what they care about most is what Clinton wants voters to ignore – oligarchy control of economics, politics, war and climate change.  The big picture comes first for Bust, the agenda priorities are reversed.  For the first time in 24 years, the lifeline assumption that the Clinton Third Way absolutely depends on is severed.

That alone should give Clinton and Vote Blue some pause.  Bernie or Bust is not bluffing.

Blue: Just because you have different priorities doesn’t change that your position is born of privilege.
You’re still not getting it.  Bust sees the bigger picture as the bigger threat.  To ALL of us.

A global economy owned and run by and for the 1% will bulldoze the American middle class.  The Center for Economic Policy Research in London estimates that the TPP trade agreement in Asia Pacific will cost nearly 500,000 U.S. jobs, TTIP with Europe another 325,000.

Wages due to these trade deals are forecast to be cut for everyone making under $88,000/year according to a study by the Economic Policy Institute.  The study also notes that the average American worker with a four-year college degree sees an average wage cut of $1,800 due to trade deals with low-wage countries.

Clinton claims she is now against TPP, but the U.S. Chamber of Commerce predicts otherwise, so does common sense and her history.  She helped facilitate TPP, her donors helped write it, she is going to block it?  Comcast (NBC/MSNBC) is salivating at the prospect of TPP goodies, they were one of the authors.

Then add the human cost of war, not acting on climate change, it adds up.  Spending trillions on war also takes money from the budget that could otherwise be spent at home and that limits investment in social programs and communities.

Blue: What about the Supreme Court?  And your reference to the opportunity window?
:  Meet Merrick Garland.  With opportunity, patience is a virtue.

President Obama’s appointee is conservative and based on past rulings would support Citizens United.  A Clinton appointment would likely be a pro-corporate moderate.

Take the Bust route and a progressive has an excellent chance to be president in 2020, which coincides with the census and congressional redistricting favoring liberals.  Greater court turnover is expected from 2020 on.  The new president appoints far more progressive justices than Clinton corporatists and the higher turnover creates a far more progressive court overall.

On the opportunity window and privilege.  A four-year sacrifice denying Clinton and the oligarchy absolute control pays off in 2020 and beyond with a progressive president and a bluer Congress after redistricting.  Now the opportunity window opens.  Now a true progressive can enact real change for the people instead of the 1%.  Now the Supreme Court turns far more progressive.  Now the tide turns.  For all of us.

Or you can vote for Hillary Clinton out of fear of Trump, ignore the big picture and live exclusively in the now.  You can have corporatism rule into the 2030s as you struggle to keep your job and your current salary; as war, terrorism and climate change elevate with the oligarchy running the U.S. government and Earth, Inc. for the exclusive benefit of the 1% and multinational corporations.

Bust chooses a better future, the people over the money.

More Blue vs. Bust tomorrow.  Clinton vs. Trump next week in part 4, wrap up the series with The Next 16 Years in part 5.

8 thoughts on “Bernie or Bust vs. Vote Blue

  1. I’m all Bust here. That being said, it’s hard to run defense against a privilege argument. I am 100% that we need to possibly sacrifice now to get to 2020, but it’s always easier giving away other people’s rights. I think for that reason alone Busters need to get all of the diverse ends of our populous engaged and moving in our direction. I’m not completely comfortable having to make a face to face argument with the recently disenfranchised regarding how they just need to suck it up for a few more years. Ya know?


    1. I’ve taken my argument to friends of color and LGBT. One understood where I’m coming from and gets that what Bernie wants to do lifts all of us up and that the oligarchy has to be stopped. The other eleven weren’t having it. They all get the Supreme Court argument and a better 2020, but they aren’t willing to give up the next four years to do it. Particularly if it’s Trump. GOP succeeds in nominating Ryan in a brokered convention then the Bust path gets easier.


  2. Puzzles me that the basic assumption is that Hillary is the candidate who can win, when Bernie polls better against all Republicans. If we want a Democrat in the White House, better vote for Bernie. With coattails.


  3. (I’m Bernie or Bust!) What do you think of a Clinton/Liz Warren ticket in attempts to unite the party? I truly hate clinton, but would likely vote warren with the hope that clinton gets impeached over emails, or just warren having a decent run at POTUS next. I’m sure you’ve thought about that with Warren’s refusal to endorse. Whats your POV on that and who would you want Bernie to put on his ticket as VP? I think Warren should be offered the spot by both candidates and unleash her on the GOP candidates and see if she can reunite the donkeys… I dunno… Maybe I just think too much of Warren’s capabilities.
    Here’s to hoping Bernie takes 70% of WI!
    Have a great day!


    1. Warren may do some good toward unification, but given that she didn’t endorse Bernie in Massachusetts the extent of her reach is limited. She would dilute Bust but not end it. imo Clinton being a study in ego would want a young protege to extend her legacy, which is why I buy the rumors of Julian Castro. Young and Latino, maximum legacy impact for HRC.


  4. All cry babies that live on “Planet IF” need your own whiney group to retreat to. This is a Political Group, not some “Dr. Phil Support Group for “Boo hoo’s of the No Matter Who’s”. Please go find out why you have no optimism! Why sit on your ass and worry instead of taking any of the small steps, let alone doing the heavy lifting or hard work to get Bernie elected?

    Many of you who claim to back Bernie are sent here from “the other camp” to manipulate through weakness. Regardless where your fall, a better use of your time would be to find ways to insure fairness in this election instead of assuming you have some sort of superiority for imagining misery scenarios of what YOU would do IF everything falls to shit some day.

    Please note: We are not living in “some day”. We are living in “NOW” and we are working to win! You, however, may indeed need therapy for your compulsion to entertain failure scenarios. You have our blessing to form a group and play doctor all you want (because we have work to do!)

    Why camp out and whine in every group as if someone has failed to see your superior intelligence? You are trying to live in a future where we all have some shitty reality we do not prefer. Your worry is not superior and it is counter-productive. It is a poor use of your time and we don’t have much respect for that nonsense.

    You can only live in the present. Quit whining about how your were kicked out of a group or may leave this one because no one was willing to play “Worry Wart” with you. Your Victimhood is simply a game to stop momentum and attempt to manipulate activists with guilt. Please take it to a “Dr. Phil Romper Room” We have work to do!


  5. I’m a 53 year old LGBTQ, living on Social Security Disability. I know that a Republican administration could affect my life negatively in a number of areas. I may not even be able to survive 4 years until 2020. Literally. And so I say to all of you with deep sincerity… #BernieOrBust! #NotMeUs

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